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Answers to our most common questions and general information can be found here. If there is something missing or you have a question not covered here, shoot us an email and we will get back to you in a flash hello@temposhot.nz

How are your photos delivered?

Our photos are delivered digitally straight to your email. If they haven't landed within 48 hours, check your spam folder and then shoot us an email and we will sort it out

Can we buy prints of your photos?

Of course. All of our photos are available as high quality prints in a variety of sizes and finishes. Send us an email with your request and we can customise a solution to suit you. We can ship them to where ever you are.

What can I do with the photos?

If you purchased a personal use license then you can share these photos on social media, with family and friends, print them out for your own home and generally admire the photo. This is in accordance with our full personal license. 

How can I buy your photos?

Simply find the photos you like, select them and then hit the green BUY button in the corner. Select personal license and what size you want and boom you are away!  

What size are our photos?

Our photos are available in three sizes. The original full resolution photo suitable for printing at home and other uses. Secondly is a 4 megapixel image ideal if you just want to share the photo on social media or for small prints. Lastly a 1 megapixel image, perfect for sharing on social media. These are priced accordingly.

Do you offer special pricing for groups/clubs/organisations?

We sure do! Get in contact with us via email and we will arrange something awesome!

You guys are awesome, can you shoot our event?

We sure can, send us an email and we can sort out how to get the best coverage.

I'm a photographer/videographer/creative, how can I get involved with TempoShot?

Send us an email! We are always looking for opportunities to work with new people

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